Expanding Our Horizons Edunation South Africa

Expanding Our Horizons

Edunation as we know it

We elaborate on what each branch of Edunation does and our immediate plans for the future _ Introducing Edunation Stationery - More than Stationery!


Our Brand New Endeavor | Introducing Edunation Stationery @ Gardenia Square


Coming This August!


Introducing Edunation Stationery! More than Stationery!

We are expanding our horizons with a brand new Shop at Gardenia Square in Gardeniapark, Bloemfontein. 

In 2008 Edunation was called into existence by a mother's (Bessie Theunissen) need to provide her young child (Salomé) with educational products and toys to aid with early learning development and school-readiness. Children in Bloemfontein and all over South Africa have benefited from our products and services. We Surpassed our Original Goal! We have grown with our children through the Pre-School and Primary School years and now we are off to High School!

With that in mind, Edunation Stationery will be a shop that sells stationery and office supplies and provide in-store-services to high school students and the surrounding community. We will be doing our famous Back To School Kits (Primary School and Now High School) for the 2020 school year! We offer Copy | Scan | Print | Internet Café Services | Stationery | Gifts.

Furthermore we want to provide in-store-assistance to students with homework assignments and school projects, making it possible for students in the immediate vicinity and neighboring communities to come in and do their Research / School Projects with Crafts | Glue-Guns | Cardboard | MDF and more.

We are excited and look forward to serving Gardeniapark and the Southern Suburbs


Edunation Stationery! More than Stationery!