What Edunation can do for you


We collaborate annually with schools to get learners ready for the new school year! We pack all the stationery that a child would need for a school year as a stationery kit for each individual school, each individual grade.


We collaborate with different implementing partners to keep the early learning social movement going, as we work to give every child the power to succeed.


Edunation assists funders to plan projects, hand pick products, manufacture and deliver to site. Installation services for classrooms are available. Edunation is your one stop solution for equipping effective classrooms.

ECD Centres

Early Childhood Development Centres. Experience has taught us precisely what the needs are on a daily basis at a centre. Edunation meets those needs with passion.

Custom Services

Product Development and Manufacturing. You bring your logo and we add creativity to manufacture custom made products for your brand. Custom Stamps. Custom Puzzles. Medals, Awards and Trophies.


We are parents. We test and try products. We know what works. At Edunation we assist parents with solutions that benefit their children. We believe in family time and our products and toys play a major role in creating an environment where families flourish. “ time spent playing with children is never wasted”

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At Edunation our love of children and everything that encompasses childhood, drives who we are and what we do...every day!

We are more than just a toy store, we are Edunation!

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