Handbag Toys - An Edunation Initiative Edunation South Africa

Handbag Toys - An Edunation Initiative

Life with little ones can be really busy, one can find themselves struggling to find time to teach them all that they have to know before they start pre-school. We here at Edunation have started the Handbag Toys Initiative 

What is it you ask...

The Handbag Toys Initiative entails products with instructions, small enough to fit in your handbag - yet powerful enough to provide your child with fundamental early learning skills. Once you have the opportunity and 5 mins to spare for a teachable moment - you simply sit your child down, reach in your handbag and take out your handbag toy. Simply follow the instructions leaflet and (Bob's your uncle - your child is learning) 

One of our first products in this initiative is nifty touch and count cube 9's, three basic colours namely; red, yellow and blue + instruction leaflet. This product will develop language and vocabulary | Colour | Patterns and Sequencing | Sorting and Matching | Math Skills and much more. We are excited!

We will be launching or Handbag Toys Line soon - Follow our Blogs | Facebook Page | Website for updates.