7 Helpful Tips to Make Baby Sleep Faster

7 Helpful Tips to Make Baby Sleep Faster

A baby’s nap time is a blissful break that parents wait for to rest or do some work. However, sometimes an infant’s bedtime doesn’t come soon enough. Here are some tips to make your little one sleep fast.

The last thing you want when you are tired and need to rest is a baby who is not ready to sleep yet. This can lead to frustration especially when you have been sleep-deprived for days, exhausted, and work is piling up more and more each day. As a parent, you can’t just complain. You need to find solutions to make the situation better.

Although you can’t force an infant to sleep, here are a few ways that might help your efforts yield more reward:

1. Swaddling. According to studies, wrapping a baby in a blanket makes them sleep longer because it mimics their environment in the womb. It keeps them warm, comfortable, and feeling secure. It also protects them from their natural startle reflex which can wake them up easily.

2. Turn off lights or use dim light during bedtime. Making this a routine helps babies figure out that lights off means it’s time to sleep. Turning off lights or using dim lights for few minutes before bedtime helps baby calm and doze off fast. This is because a dark room has less distraction than a bright lit room. It’s good to practice this routine at the same time every night for the infant to learn a regular bedtime schedule.

3. Give a warm bath. A warm bath is a soothing activity for infants. It promotes good blood circulation, cools down their body temperature, makes them calm, and fall asleep easily.

4. Massage. Just like in adults, a body massage helps babies feel relax. In fact, research suggests that babies who receive regular massage sleep longer at night than infants who don’t. This means that baby massage can help little ones’ circadian rhythms or body clock to be on track. That is being more active during the day and having more sleep at night.

5. Sing lullabies or play soothing music. Gentle sounds make babies feel relax and calm making them sleep fast. You can continue playing white noise even when your little angel is fast asleep to encourage longer rest period.

6. Tissue Paper. Take a single piece of tissue paper and lightly stroke it from the top of the forehead to the bottom of the chin. This motion will help your baby to close their eyes and the tickle sensation will calm your baby and help to fall asleep.

7. A glove full of rice. When you just can soothe your baby to sleep and all else fails, then try this. This hack will give you a breather when you need it most. Watch and observe your baby all the time when doing this. Take a glove, fill it with rice and rest it on your baby, this gives the sensation that mamma is still with me.

Try these tips to help your baby sleep quickly and soundly especially at night. Aside from the tips mentioned above, it’s also important to avoid active games and screen time at night. These activities can make infants more active and difficult to fall asleep.